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How should a character behave?

I just read a funny (but I guess not a very scientific) article (The Inner Doughboy – Ruth Shalit) about the code of conduct many famous brand mascots (or spokes-characters) have. There are strickt rules to how for example some of the classic american mascots like Ronald McDonald, Green Giant, Mr Peanut and Doughboy (representing the grain brand Pillbury that are selling baking products)  can behave. They are restricted by long guidelines about their look, behavior and gestures.

And asked about how their personalty they are always described as being nice and friendly.


So Doughboy is only portraied as a helper a teacher or a friend. He is poppin’ fresh.


Green Giant can never come out of his green valley.


Ronald McDonald is kid’s fun magical friend.


Mr Peanut is single. He is a cosmopolitan guy. He is too busy to be settling down.

But isn’t that also a little boring, maybe even cheasy. What about the statement that: ‘The best characters are the ones who are flawed or internally conflicted’

Who are the characters under the surface?









  1. Enig, det bliver alt for kedeligt uden den klassiske modstander
    PS. costumeparty coming up or what?

  2. Marlene

    14. august 2015 at 10:37

    maiken: I expect you to dress up like Miss Chiquita;-)

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