Lusket kommer det snigende uden man egentlig bemærker det. Brok og klage.

People who complain trap themselves in a reality that constantly gives them more to complain about. Life keeps harshing on them. Their luck is below average. They never get any real breaks. Unfortunate circumstances, seemingly beyond their control, keep manifesting. It seems totally unfair, but it isn’t. The complainers are merely witnessing the fulfillment of their own requests. Every thought is an intention, and complainers habitually intend what they don’t want. So it makes perfect sense they live in a reality congruent with those thoughts. The complainer may tell you their reality is causing their complaints, but it’s more accurate to say their reality is reflecting their complaints.

Selvopfyldende profeti.

Hvad er kuren mod brok? Kill it with kindness?


Tror måske det var bedre at opliste alt det man er taknemmelig for.

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