Being japanese in Paris

When I ask myself what is typical french or parisian seen from a visual point of view – my background in art history  supplies me with images and different genres of architectural styles that pops up in my head.

For me classic parisian style is a collage of stuff like:

Sofisticated elegance might be words that sums it up.

One of the elegant places in Paris is the department store Printemps. which among other things is famous for its art nouveau ornaments and glass domed ceiling in the centre of the building. Printemps turned 150 years in March and to celebrate that occation a mascot was designed.

Meet Rose. She is designed by the japanese 3D character designer Hiroshi Yoshii

Yoshii has a big family of characters in his portfolio and his style is a good example of the impact from japanese manga and kawaii style in charcter design.

What is interesting in relation to my project is that Rose is as an example of the influence of japanese visual culture in a western context for example in the use of characters in branding.

Printemps going kawaii – that is worth noting!

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